Andrés Gutiérrez

Bild_Andres_GutierrezAndrés Gutiérrez Martínez (born in 1984 in Guanajuato, Mexico). Is Mexican composer and sound artist. He starts his musical education in Mexico. In 2006 he moves to Austria to continue his musical studies. He studied composition with Gerd Kühr and Pierluigi Billone and computer music with Marko Ciciliani at the university of music and performing arts of Graz. He has received the „Musikförderungspreis“ of the city of Graz in 2012 and the Grant for talented students „Begatenstipendium der Stadt Graz“ in 2013. His artistic activity as a composer and performer covers instrumental, mix-media (electroacoustic) and fix-media compositions as well as solo and collective performances. He has participated in many dance and theatre projects and his music has been performed in France, Germany, Mexico and Austria. In collaboration with other colleagues he’s a founding member of Schallfeld – cultural association and ensemble focused on promoting new contemporary music and sound art.